Illinois Healthcare Defense

The edge that Balac Law Group clients gain is the product of decades' of courtroom experience provided by a talented and passionate team of attorneys. Our clients rely on our skills to deliver the optimal result both in and out of the courtroom.
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Your legal needs are unique. From initial consultation until the time your case is dismissed, every aspect of the Balac Law Group is tailored to provide the resolution and successful outcome your career deserves.

Trial Tested

Every case is different, but the one thing we do for every case is to integrate trial preparedness into the resolution strategy from the very beginning. We provide the best defense for our partners, even if that involves strategic settlement planning and negotiations.

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Your schedule is full so we understand the need to consult whenever you have time: evenings, weekends, and off hours. We are here to help when you need guidance or have a question.

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User Friendly

BLG eschews the penny-pinching approach that some firms take. A 60-second conversation is not inflated to billable hours. Each client is our partner and we strive to save our partners as much time, money, and frustration as possible with a streamlined approach that helps us provide an optimal legal defense.

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