It all started with Drew’s defense of a medical professional who was being extorted by three former patients because of his sexual orientation.  Despite decades of excellent work, he faced the prospect of his career ending.  The lawsuit by three former patients quickly snowballed to include actions filed by the DEA, DHS and the IDFPR.   Drew took the case and committed nights, weekends and holidays to proving the allegations were false.  Hoping that the doctor would want the nightmare to end, the accusers made financial demands that started in the seven-figure range and reduced over time to much less.  In the end, they didn't get a penny.   During the course of her defense of the various actions, the doctor’s insurance coverage became an issue.  Instead of walking away at that point, Drew sat down with the doctor to collaborate on how to continue to provide a zealous defense within the confines of his budget.   It was at that point that Drew realized her desire to prove this man was innocent and win the case was more important to her than a large retainer.

Launched in 2017 with the conviction that health professionals are not clients, but partners who need personalized and dedicated support, Balac Law Group is dedicated to providing the best service, support, and guidance to medical professionals of all levels.

Business is built on relationships, not billable hours. BLG is built on a commitment to its partners and believe that the partnership should form early by implementing mechanisms to avoid the risk of a potential suit.  The lawyers at BLG are your partners both in and out of the courtroom.

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