Malpractice suit against psychiatrist dismissed with prejudice


Drew Balac of the Balac Law Group recently obtained a dismissal of a lawsuit brought against a psychiatrist.

Drew Balac, Principal
Drew Balac, Principal

The court entered a dismissal with prejudice during expert discovery.  In his complaint, plaintiff alleged that the defendant psychiatrist misdiagnosed him; failed to provide proper treatment; and prescribed medications that led to psychosis and addiction. Plaintiff’s allegations were supported by an affidavit signed by a well-respected Chicago area psychiatrist.  Plaintiff was hospitalized multiple times after he stopped treating with defendant.  Among his damages, plaintiff claimed over $2 Million in medical expenses and almost $3 Million in lost wages.

Based on the evidence and testimony that was obtained during discovery, plaintiff’s expert was unable to maintain many of his opinions and subsequently withdrew from the case.  Plaintiff was unable to overcome the testimony of his original expert and was not able to find a new expert to support his case.

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