Claims Manager:

“I wanted you to be aware of the exceptional representation on my behalf in regards to a frivolous lawsuit. Ms. Balac kept me abreast of all developments during the entire process. She exhibited great knowledge, care and concern in regards to this case. Her professionalism and legal tactics were outstanding. I recommend her services to others without reservation.”


“Thank you for going ‘above and beyond’ your professional duty in helping me! I will certainly recommend you and your firm to anyone I encounter in the future with similar concerns.”


“Thank you Drew, it was a relief to have you involved and helped reduce my anxiety around this.”

Insurance Company:

“You handle things so seamlessly that it makes my job easier.”


“Drew Balac joined the case in the middle and surprised me at how knowledgeable and thorough she was. She raised points and showed an understanding of the facts which I would expect only a dentist would be able to grasp and she seemed to be almost more passionate about proving me innocent than I was.”


“She prepared me well for my deposition. She was extremely astute in her deposing the plaintiff. I attended that deposition and was impressed with her overall knowledge of maxillofacial surgery, which I believe was paramount in the eyes of the opposing attorney.”


“In my opinion, and the fact that you already work with this awesome firm, she gets my vote to defend any and all clients you can send her way.”


“30 years of practicing and building relationships has given me a good skill set to deal with all kinds of people, patients and situations. What she did in such a short period of time was stunning. She took a somewhat dazed and confused caring dentist who would bend over backwards for every patient and instilled in me the confidence I needed to walk into what I feared would be a firing squad.”



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